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catch your dream

terima kasih untuk semua rasa sayang, senang, sedih, sakit, lucu, menyebalkan, bahagia, kecewa, bangga,marah yang telah didapat bersama mu :)




I don’t know how long I can still to loving you 😟

Don’t ever tired and bored to handle my attitude. i’m sorry if i often make you sad, upset and angry .don’t ever regret to still love me . I accept if you walk away from me, maybe that is your choice, but keep to loving you is my choice . Happy,sad, upset, Jealous, angry is my risk. Because i already choose you and never ever regret to love you

"Waiting for nothing is useless"

"mana kata yg dulu pernah terucap untuk nggak akan mengusir atau meninggalkan ?"

Goodnight strong lady :”) goodnight love

"But it would be happiness if someday God will bring us together and know that we still keep in love each other"

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